Contact Lens & Eye Care

1. Can I clean and soak contact lenses with saline?

It is advisable to use multi-purpose solution to clean and soak contact lenses for the disinfection of any harmful bacteria or fungal on the contact lenses.

2. Washing your hands before cleaning contact lenses?

You must wash your hands clean with soap and dry them with lint-free towel, before proceeding to clean your contact lenses to avoid unsterilized tap water on your contact lenses.

3. Do I need to change the multi-purpose solution everyday to soak my contact lenses?

To ensure your contact lenses to stay clean from protein build up, it is a must to rinse and soak your contact lenses with fresh multi-purpose solution on a daily basis, even if it’s a monthly contact lens which you only use it occasionally.

4. Wearing contact lenses to swim?

Swimming with contact lenses is not encouraged in order to prevent bacterial contamination of your eyes, which can cause cornea to become infected or inflamed.

5. What should I do if I need to use contact lenses when I’m swimming?

Use daily disposable contact lenses when you go for a dip in the water and remove it after your session is done. After swimming with contact lenses, rinse your eyes with refreshing drop or rewetting drop.

6. Can I sleep with my contact lenses on?

Sleeping while wearing contact lenses will reduce the oxygen level to your eyes, and any eye discharge will be caught on the contact lenses, increasing the risk of infection.

7. Where should I keep my contact lenses?

Preferably not to keep contact lenses in bathroom, as flushing of toilets may cause any airborne bacteria to lend on your contact lens casing or even get caught on your contact lenses. Keeping contact lenses in your room’s dressing table or places that are clean and dry is encouraged.

8. Should I go for eye checkup only when experiencing eye discomfort?

It is encourage to also visit your optometrist to have regular eye checkup, at least once a year, to maintain good eye health. If you ever experience eye discomfort, please visit ophthalmologist immediately.

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